password security

World Password Day

If you didn’t catch the latest, it’s World Password Day! Hooray! What does that mean for you and me? Not much of anything, BUT, it does serve as a reminder to check your on-line security.

Passwords are being brought to your attention today and it’s an important reminder to reconsider your on-line security policies. I was reading over a recent research project conducted by LastPass, Psychology of Passwords, and it shows a startling reality of unsafe on-line practices. Here’s a little preview of the habits that make hackers very happy:

• 59% mostly or always use the same password
• 53% have not changed passwords in the last year
• 64% want to easily remember their passwords

This information shows that employees are using the same easy-to-remember password for multiple accounts (despite an increase in cyber-security threats and breaches). Never use your name or personal information in passwords.

Identity theft is one of the world’s fastest growing crimes, but adding strong authentication to your password can prevent it. Whether you’re protecting your bank account, your email, or your social media, put the brakes on ID theft by layering up!
Be part of the change. Pledge to #LayerUp.

A recent PCMag survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers, conducted between April 27 and April 29, revealed that 19 percent use their name or initials in their passwords, a big security no-no. Many others use their wedding date (16 percent), the name of a family member (15 percent), birth year (12 percent), house address (12 percent) or spouse’s personal information (8 percent).

Maybe it’s time to get a password manager….

Besides helping to secure your accounts, password managers can save you the hassle of getting locked out. Fifty-seven percent of those who use a password manager said they “rarely” get locked out of their accounts.