Walk a Mile

If only you could walk a mile in my shoes. see the world through my eyes.

What would it be like to move out of your comfort zone and live for something other than yourself.

To value other’s opinions above your own when you know they are right. Getting what you want whilst being wrong only hurts others. Realizing that your mistakes DO define you and make you into the person you are. They can very easily be a good or bad influence. I fear nothing will change the way you see the world and react to things that happen. It certainly hasn’t and doesn’t have a hint so far. When the things that are changing only get worst what are people supposed to say to you? Good job, you’re doing great! You’re absolutely right, keep going? Apparently, that’s what is expected it turns out. People shouldn’t be congratulated when they do things wrong, that’s why our great country is turned so sour. Everyone thinking they are entitled to have their own way exactly like they want. It’s not BK, you Can’t have it your way.  Of course, some people do and they seem so happy and so perfect but very rarely is that actually the case. I can think of a few that can and do, this sets the precedent and makes it worse for everyone else involved trying to do right.

Communication is not wrong. Communication is key to anything in life.

Asking for help is not a failure. Asking for help is sometimes necessary to make it through.

Admitting there is a problem is the first step and asking for help is a huge second step. It isn’t the end of the world, it means you’re learning something. Finally, after so long, learning something. Realizing that life is more. So much more to see and experience! Realizing that life just sucks sometimes. Accepting your priorities even though it isn’t what you want to do. True colors are shown when actions don’t match words and promises. All the while bills aren’t paid, kids grow up, precious moments are gone and lost forever. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Some things don’t get a second chance, some people don’t realize they have a chance at all. It’s best to learn quickly from mistakes but some people just don’t get it until it’s too late. When will it be too late, when will the want be so good that being late won’t be a thing. It won’t be a thing because every moment is captured, every moment is experienced, every moment is LIVED. The sole purpose in life is to Live, experience every moment to the fullest and don’t have terrible regrets.

The views and opinions of one are negative it’s easy to ignore and say they are just biased. When every sane person is in agreement with the same views and opinions it’s possible something is wrong. Foolish, even. When finding out yourself and still continuing on the path what is going to make you change?? If only you could walk in my shoes, see what I see, feel what I feel. You would understand why I do the things I do.