Understanding, the silent killer

If you were to understand for one day. It might kill you.

It takes a big person to admit when they’re wrong. It takes an even bigger person to stop being selfish and think of someone other than yourself.
When you don’t know the first thing about me how is it fair to judge based on something unknown. The only known situation is the one you put me in and then follow up by judging and taking it out on me when I’m not the only one to blame. I love to admit when I’m wrong, it means I can do something better and that is the reason we are on this Earth. To do the best possible and not be ignorant our whole lives.
I’m so glad for the new found the situation as it suits and hopefully will turn out positive. is it 100% sure? Not even close but I’ve finally come to the point where it doesn’t affect me in the least bit because as always there’s a point to be proven and by God, you’ll do everything in your power to prove it. It’s a shame that energy wasn’t used towards what it should have been in the first place.