Meaningless words…Meaningful thoughts…When will it end…..

I’m lost, 
a world in front of me,
but I didn’t realize the cost of regrets,
despair, a life in disrepair,
disengage and full of rage,
when no one understands you, oh,
never enough, tough, and black and blue, 
but you lost the real you,
taken, forsaken, and breaking the rules,
no schools can teach this,
violence and assignments,
essays and dismay,
93 to get yourself that A.
What did it do to you,
study and find out,
what life lessons will you figure out,
12 bullets in a magazine, 2 titties on every page,
a lost rage, a lost sage,
a lost hope, shoot this last line of dope,
it will flat line you, to the grind,
people that bind, all disappearing, look up at the ceiling,
Cloud and indifference,
no more improvements,
you are dead, clinically mislead,
sky high, no supply and keep asking yourself……………why………when will it end????

disconnected from everyone,
a jaded life,
hated, fated, and refused,
diffuse situations before retaliation,
a beautiful child gone wild,
learn to make a fist,
resist and fight to get your life back,
a savior, a creator, and a failure,
no apologies,
experiences equal that which made me as strong as these,
negative outcomes,
handing out food, but you have none,
confrontation and affiliations with those who could care less,
we all die and end a mess,
rage, and stage a comeback,
retract anger, toxic and poor, impure,
but I am sure we can make it, shake it,
this fragile life, we break it,
perfect and neglect,
no difference, no substance,
panic, but stay in control,
before we all start a war,
but no relief from the greed.