How the Internet is Tailored to You

Have you ever wondered how the Internet is tailored to each user? When you’re in the market to buy something it’s almost as if it knows before you do. If you’re using Google, here’s how it’s done.

What does any business set out to do? Make money. Seeing that Google consumes nearly 68% of the entire worlds search traffic I’d say they are definitely at the advantage when it comes to capturing user data and utilizing that for advertising. Number one in online advertising at $79 billion ad revenue last year with Facebook trailing behind at a mere $27 Billion the motive is certainly present. Making sure that they know everything about you, is The Key to Success. Going so far as getting up to 70% of credit card data from third party companies to track your purchases and see if it lines up with anything you did searching/shopping online.

So when you think you’re being tracked. You probably are, look twice before installing apps and giving permission freely.

Many of these tracking features can be modified or shut off entirely. At the point that you’re tracked to physical purchases as well, that’s a little scary. Check your settings here

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