Falling in & out

Falling in & out of love every day

With people? No.

Mostly ideas of them, a whisper, something that could be.

People only reveal themselves in snippets of truth, never letting more than tiny little pieces escape.

We then fill in the gaps, naturally, with what we want them to be. Take the unknown and make someone into something they aren’t.

That’s why love can be so deceiving, by our own hand, we make it the worst experience possible. Setting ourselves up to fail every step of the way. Jumping from that cliff, wondering the whole way down “Why the hell did I jump.”

We fall in love with our own idea of someone, not who they actually are. This is why we find ourselves falling out of “love” while in a relationship. Only after time we realize it’s been our own idea the whole time and not “love.” Come to find out the whole time it’s been our own ideas and it can’t be ignored any longer. The point where it’s suddenly so clear it’s been a beautiful lie for so long… Why do I fall in & out of love everyday…Why the hell did I jump…