Is Edge really the Fastest? Microsoft says so, maybe not the case

If you were to ask Microsoft which program offers the best battery life on Windows 10 can you guess what the answer will be? You bet, Microsoft Edge is the best. Also, it has the test results to demonstrate it: on a Surface Book, for example, Microsoft Edge keeps going two or three hours longer than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which is surprising, to say the least.

However, someone has dared to debate Microsoft’s claim. YouTuber Linus Tech Tips has set Microsoft Edge against Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera and found that it doesn’t convey as solid execution as Microsoft claims. As Private Gomer Pyle would say, Surprise Surprise Surprise.

Linus Tech Tips explains that he took four Dell Laptops with similar specs, and found that Microsoft Edge trails Chrome and Opera in battery life tests. However, it beats Firefox, all things considered. Be that as it may, the outcomes are a whole lot different than what Microsoft’s own particular tests show.

All things considered, the contrast between Chrome, which offers the best battery life, and Microsoft Edge it sounds like around 40 minutes is the difference.

You may ask why this test included four indistinguishable Inspiron machines, and the reason is basic: to test consistency. You may imagine that the outcomes ought to be the same, however, there are a few varieties of the machines as far as battery life. Thus, every program was tried on each machine to represent this, with the last rankings being recorded previously.

Indeed, even Creators Update, which in light of Microsoft’s test should enable Microsoft To edge demolish the opposition, didn’t help make it speedier than Chrome.


Is all the more intriguing that, utilizing Microsoft’s own particular procedure, Linus Tech Tips has discovered that Chrome is still the quicker program. In that test, it stands in front of the rest of the competition to Firefox, with Microsoft Edge coming next and Opera third.


Watch the full Video from Linus Tech Tips here!