Dearest Stalker across the pond

Dearest Stalker,
I would like to take the time to write you this letter. With words and feelings. Buckle up for this masterpiece as it doesn’t happen often. Are you buckled in and secure?

It all started one fateful day, long long ago. In the most unexpected way and place did I meet this young lady. Who would know just looking for someone to talk to would turn into something entirely different… What is it you ask? That’s a good question, what is it.

A few months later, the tables turn and I start to struggle and have no one to turn to. Along comes this message out of the blue, who is this person!? I don’t recall at all speaking to this person before. It must have been a rough night as I was talking to her that I could not remember. Apparently, I made an impression even in an unfortunate state myself to inspire curiosity.

As time goes on, getting to know this amazing person and the struggles on both sides. How these events and people involved relate and correspond to both sides. What an inspiration to meet another human that cares about fellow man and strives to constantly better yourself. So many unfortunate events, so much trouble, so much hurt. But never stopping for a moment to mope or waste time. Priorities and goals drive you to be the best person you can be. It turns out I’ve met one of the most caring people I ever have. Being supportive during the most difficult time in my life and being there for me has meant so much more than you can imagine. No one has been there for me, no one understands, no one could take the time to truly know how to care.

The difference in someone’s life is sometimes difficult, sometimes easy, easy like a kind word at the right time, it can change a person forever. This is what you have been to me, supportive on my bad days, tell me off when I’m in the wrong. Never judging or criticizing because we are equals, there is no better one of us. When I’m down and can’t find a smile, you’re there to say things like “H” just to be silly and cheer me up. Almost daily you force me to find the best in myself, even though I’ve buried it so deep lately. Forgetting who I was, who I am, who I could be, none of it matters when right now, in this moment I can be the best!

There’s so many cool things that we are so similar with it’s a giant list! Things we just connect on and are in sync with;
Good food/Mexican food
A Good Brew
Harry Potter
Dr who
A could deep conversation/debate
Nature – the natural silence.
The colour purple
High standards/morals
Titling yourself
Being free spirited
Our hatred for a lot of humanity
General banter
Caring for Others Above ourselves
A kind word when it matters most
Being supportive and Real
Being spontaneous and creative
Enjoying the little things, because that’s what matters
Life is short, don’t waste it

So Cheers! Cheers, to the person that greets me every morning with a smile and a kind word. I hope I’m not the only one smiling like an idiot all day because someone so unrelentingly proves they care about my well-being. I don’t think anyone would be able to beat your greetings so keep it up. Be different, be better, be the best. You’re doing great, you’re being amazing! You have been a fantastic influence on me and hope you will continue to be. Even in your old age….