Product manager Philippe de Lurand Pierre-Paul wrote in a blog post on June 14: “We’ve now significantly expanded coverage of this feature; starting today, you’ll see Why this ad? notices on all our services that show Google Ads, such as ads on YouTube (including the YouTube app on connected TVs), Google Play, Gmail, Maps and Search. We’ve also expanded it to include almost all of the websites and apps that partner with us to show ads.”

How do you make adjustments? You can access your ad settings page and view all the categories that you are being tracked for. Turning off completely is even an option now, but, you’re still going to see ads. They are just going to be much more general and not targeted to your interests at all. Is that really a good thing? Some may say yes.

It’s normally best to go through the categories and turn off any of them that absolutely do not apply to your interests. This will cut down any non-relevant ads that you see while you’re browsing the web!