How do you tell when you’re really broken. How much is too much. Where is the line drawn.

When that feeling deep down begins as giddy and positive slowly becomes poisoned and descends to the point you dread a message or a call from a person. Someone that is meant to be closest to you and never betray you acts as if it’s value has vanished like a thief in the night.

Simple everyday activities are increasingly mundane and turn into chores. Making the long drive that used to seem short whilst going to meet someone you love now becomes an even longer drive feeling as salt would in an open wound. Oh how times change. Love turns to hate and resentment, happiness to ill times, all too quickly upon the first sign of bad circumstances.

Work becomes a sweet escape to stop thinking about what you’re running away from. Immersing in a sea of other problems to shift your focus to something…easier.

A new, ambitious man turns into something broken that he feared most of all to become. Failure in numbers lead to misery and malcontent…