1st challenge

For the first week of every month I’ll be eating whats in my fridge, freezer and pantry and only shopping if I run out of staple items, e.g. milk, bread, butter, flour, some fruit and vegetables etc. so I can use up stock and reduce wastage.
The money I’d usually spend on shopping these weeks will be put into savings. I usually spend around $150+ a week on food shopping for my family of 3. I’ll allow myself $20 on these weeks for the staple items. I could save at least $1,560 a year by putting away at least $130 at the start of each month.

First thing I’ll do is write a list of everything I have in my pantry, fridge, and freezers (check use by dates and make sure nothing has expired). This will help me stop buying things I already have lots of and help to meal plan for each week.
Next thing I’ll do is meal plan and meal prep. If you’re going out you can just grab and go, instead of having the temptation of buying take away, no excuses when it’s already prepared. Only buy take away on special occasions: e.g. birthdays.

Before photo of my fridge, freezers and pantry (I’ll be adding after photos at the end of the week):

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